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Dimitts Integrated Nigeria

The modern business environment is characterized by change! These changes are in the form of changes in income levels, changes in human taste, changes in technology, changes in government policies and so on. The strategic response to these changes is a dynamic approach to business decisions and management. Dimitts integrated is a fast growing organization formed to provide business solutions and human resources services.
Our vision

To be the world most reliable organization for providing business solutions and quality human resources services in Africa.

Our Mission

Building reputable individuals who are making positive difference in the business of our clients and its community.

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Reason for choosing

Tailored advice and

At Dimitts integrated, we understand that various business segments, markets and environments may require unique business approach, as such necessitating a tailored business advice.

Flexibility to serve you

Technological changes and innovations has shaped the modern business environment. At Dimitts integrated, we continue to adopt the modern skills and technology in serving the needs of our respective clients.

Our approach to working with our clients
provides significant benefits


Achieving our vision is at the centre of our heart. We build and retain a team of professionals that are highly dedicated to what they do. We are continuously building a team of people that are loyal and dedicated to our organization and our clients.


As a business support organization, we grow a pool of talents that demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles at work.


We win only when our clients win. Therefore, the success of our clients is at the forefront of our business. Our business support solutions are tailored to ensure that the strategic objectives of our clients are met.


The reality on ground is technological innovations. As a fast growing business support and human resources organization, we adopt the world fastest technologies in providing business support services and human resources services. This is to help us meet our “must-win” value. We build and retain a team of innovative minds that are making positive difference in business.


At Dimitts integrated, giving up is not a business solution. While there are doubts that success can be achieved, we study the nature and problem causes then we develop appropriate strategies for eliminating such doubts to ensure business continuity.


We understand the importance of openness and accountability at all times, to achieve our vision of being the world most reliable organization for providing business solutions in Africa, we put transparency first at all times. Our business processes and solutions are rooted in transparency.

Team Behind Our Success

Nnamdi Chukwuka

Head SME Development
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Samuel Molokwu

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Chiamaka Eze

HR Manager
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Ejuma Blessing

Lead Learning & Development
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Patrick Odoemene

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Team Behind Our Success

Samuel Molokwu


Blessing Ejuma

Lead Learning & Development

Nnamdi Chukwuka

Head SME Development

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Career Opportunities in Dimitts

Are you smart, focused and purpose driven?
At Dimitts, our humans are the heart beat of our success. If making a positive difference in theworld appeals to your dreams, Click here to apply to our vacancies.

Are you aware?

On the 28th of January, 2022 – PECB, a global provider of professional ISO standards trainings and certifications, signed a partnership agreement with Dimitts to expand its presence in the Nigeria market. Based on the agreement, the Dimitts will begin to provide services related to ISO standards. Read more...